Started in 46FOW around 7am using Bandits, Husky’s, and Flicker minnows. 3ounce snaps 150 back on big boards. Marked a lot of fish from 30 to bottom. Trolled NE. Caught a lot of shorts and about 5 keepers. Nothing on spoons, worm burners or harnesses off dipseys big and small but one jumbo perch and a couple sheep. Hit 56FOW and caught a few more keepers and a lot of more shorts. Hit 70FOW and finished 3 man limit with hogs in an hour. Had to throw back 3 24 inchers just clearing our spreads to call it a day! Any cranks with purple on them ruled the day. Some we caught just trying to set lines. 3 ounce snaps 220 back trolling 2.2 to 2.5 MPH. Also lost a nice steelhead at the boat. Great day on the water! Heading back up Thursday!