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    Headed north out of the marina to 70FOW. Trolled East and West running cranks and spoons from 30 feet down to 50 feet. 3 man limit by noon. Most were 18 inches with a couple 20 inch range. One sheep and one white bass. No shorts. A lot of baitfish at the surface till about 10am. Then they all disappeared and the bite slowed accordingly. 2.375 inch spoons worked today. They didn’t want the bigger ones. Colors were green UV, fire tiger, clown and chrome in cranks. Spoons were passion fruit and purple ice. Most of the bites were lite. A lot were just more bend in the rod. Had to watch the rods closely. Some didn’t even give any head shakes til they were close to the boat. We just felt extra weight on the rod after we pulled it out of the rod holder.

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    I also forgot to say watch for perch nets just east of the marina in 50FOW. Red flags are out there running north to south. They were also checking fish and licenses at the dock when we were taking the boat out.

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    Do you go by the numbers on the dipsy chart? Or how much line where you letting out?

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    I use the precision trolling app I have on my phone. I started at 50 back which took it to 28 feet at 2.5MPH. Then I went to 65 back and that went to 35 down. I started catching fish then. Reference this with your dipsy chart. It should be about the same. 30 true trips or jets were 180 back which were running about 30 feet. So 30 to 35 feet seemed to be the sweet spot for them on spoons. Cranks were running the same off 2 ounce snap weights 50+2 or 50 to the snap and then 130 for a total of 180 back on your line counter. We run big boards so we run a mix of options til we get bit and go from there.

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    Thanks bud!!

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    $1.99 each lure wow!! What ones did you get? I'm going to by 2 a week what do you think I should go for? I know I'm getting the dipsy #1 and jets.

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    I think I paid around $100 For the lifetime membership and you get everything plus all future updates for the one time fee. I have had 4 lure updates so far this year and 5 or 6 last year.

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    Nice I'll look into that!

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    If you plan on going that route make sure you read it. I believe whatever operating system you download it on (iOS or Android), you cant switch to the other phone. In other words, if you download it on an Apple phone you have to stay with Apple. It wont transfer to Samsung or any other Android.

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    I'm a android guy, had apple and hated it😂😂 thanks for the heads up. Do you ever fish out of Ashtabula?

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