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    Fished west of Huron Saturday slow pick nice 2-man limit in 4 hours, 40 tt 40 back double willows pink or purple, the dipsey's 33 back on the 3 setting 30fow 4 fish o's nothing over 30 inches, threw back some nice eaters. Right away question.
    you will like this one i was trolling saturday with big boards and a sail boat was approaching me from behind, i was going 1.4 with big boards the sail boat much faster, he almost ran me over I got on the radio and asked if he wanted me to go left or right I couldn't get out of the way I went to the left as the sail boat got closer he did a 180 What are the rules of the road, I know the sail boat has the right away but can you run someone over? With my big boards out I couldn't just gas it. I'm just glad he turned, that sail boat stayed in the area going back and forth in short passes, I'm guessing he didn't want to venture to far out in case of storms.

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    I thought that if you are "overtaking" a vessel then the vessel that you are overtaking ALWAYS has the right away. I assume that would be the case even for the sovereign sail boats when they are "overtaking" a powerboat that is trolling then they have to give way... Is that accurate?

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    I believe a sailboat, if under sail always has the right of way over a power boat. If it is running it's motor, then the same navigational rules apply as if it were a power boat.
    As for his behavior in your case, there is one born every minute. Have had similar experiences on the Canadian side. Last summer had the entire north shore to myself and one other fishing boat. A sailboat came in on our heading from miles away. Ran right through the two of us for absolutely no reason. Some of these sailors like to exercise the right of way rule to prove a point, regardless of common sense or common politeness.
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    That's why I take my friends Smith and Wesson with me lol.

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    Hope this helps!! I copied and pasted so all the wording remained as written. In short you were the stand-on vessel in this situation it was up to the sailboat (give-way vessel) to alter course and overtake .

    Any vessel overtaking any other vessel must keep out the way of the vessel being overtaken. The former is the give-way vessel and the latter is the stand-on vessel. This rule applies even if the overtaking vessel is propelled by wind, oars, or rubber band paddlewheel.
    A vessel is deemed to be overtaking when coming up with another vessel from a direction more than 22.5 degrees abaft (behind) her beam. This is the angle prescribed by the stern light. At night, the overtaking vessel will see only the white stern light of the vessel being overtaken. If you see either side light, it is a crossing situation.

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    I must have been running just to the west of you, running just north of where Juls was fishing. I saw that, and that same sail boat came straight at me and did a 180 too. Coming back into Huron channel I saw that there was a grandma driving it, and watched her back that 36 footer into slip like a We had a 2 man limit by 10:30. 9 fish came on bandits and 3 on worm harnesses...the fish seemed to bite better as we bumped the speed to 1.9 mph

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    Good to see you are making it out Dave! Are you still fishing in the smaller boat?

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    my boat is fixed, they fixed the outdrive for free about a 10 day turn around, I just haven't had much time to post

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