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    I have a transom mounted transducer that broke on me last weekend. I tried using some waterproof super glue. It held up till the trip in. Any suggestions on glues or ways to try to fix it. I know the right way is to replace it but thought I might be able to put that off till this winter. Thanks for the help.

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    Super glue never holds well for me. Try some epoxy...maybe JB Weld.
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    Try gorilla glue, not their super glue but their water activated glue. There is a reaction with the water that sets the glue, once set it is water proof. I used some in the bilge of a former boat that I owned and it is still there doing its job, and that was five years ago. Practice with something else first to get a feel for using it as it likes to foam up when it reacts with the water. Glue a nut to a bolt and after setting up try to remove it! I also use it to laminate boards together and it is great for that. A little goes along ways!!
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    Is there any way to reinforce the break with some sheetmetal or such, then epoxy over it. Most glues have great pull strength but the lateral force or impact is where they fail. Sometimes a metal or plastic reinforcement will help hold that lateral movement.

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    Gorilla Glue is good, however, this stuff is awesome and designed for marine applications. 3M Marine Adhesive/Sealant 5200.

    Takes a good 24 hours to fully cure, but once it does, it is nearly impossible to break the bond.

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