Ok heres an actual fishing report.

Four guys fished from 5/12 - 5/16 caught over 100 eyes. One 28 1/2 other avg 19" - 24"

Fished just south of Rattle Snake and West of Green. Trolled gold blade harnesses w/gold beads and chart harnesses w/ snap weights 50/50 @ 1.2 - 1.3 mph 30' - 32' of water. Water surface temp was 55 - 58

50 ft line out with harness and snap on 1 1/2oz snap weight let out 50' clip on a board. with 2 oz weights we let out 50 then the weight then 40 - 45' of line then put on the board. Seemed like most of the active fish were at 20'. We tried bottom bouncers and trolled reef runners and thunder stick jrs a few fish. The harnesses out fished everting else!!! Speed was the most important factor. Too fast or to slow and no fish!!!! When the wind picked up we had to use the bow mt electric to slow us down!

On Friday we had three guys in the boat made two passes in 3 1/2 hours and we had or limit. WOW it was like work!!! 18 fish all over 19" where else can you do that!!! Erie is awsome!!! See ya next year!!

Good luck and be safe!