Went out sat mid morning. Got a late start, went south of D can at the firing range. We got our 2 man limit in about 3.5 hours some were good size but many throw backs and overall i would say nothing to brag about, the bite was very very light.

Went out sunday afternoon, set up at niagra just off the green can. Had a fellow person from our park there who got his 2 man limit in 1.5 hours and he said he was throwing back everything under 8. we set up less thana few hundred feet from him as he was keeping them baited in while we got there. Fished for more than an hour with 5 fish. Moved back down the d can again and finished out our limit. again bite was ther but light fish was come and go. 10 minutes of bite with 30 of none. and again nothing to brag about just 60 eatable fish.

Would like hear how other did in the area or south of green, i heard there was alot of boats there but had not heard how the fish was??