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    Default Where to start?

    Appreciate everybodys input on this site. Feel like I'm almost in the groove again just from reading. Getting ready to head up this weekend. Havn't been up fishing in about 6 years. I cast and troll whichever is working best. I'm putting in at East Harbor. Any help on where to start and any tips would be appreciated. I see most of the talk has been about west sister. Didn't know if would be wiser to start out closer or head all the way out there. I'll post how we're doing.

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    They are catching walleye everywhere. Drifting or trolling. My opinion is try around the reefs or west sister.

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    Default Best for me.

    Biggest fish I have caught this year so far came from between west sister island, and the red and white bell buoy in the maumee channel . (sometimes called turnaround) Good luck to ya !

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    We have been limiting out in the island area with really nice fish. Trolling tru trip 40 jets back 25 to 35 feet. Our main areas are east of ballast island in 32 feet of water and NW of carpenters point in the deeper water. Good luck.. We are filling the coolers up.. 2.2 knots was our best speed.. Our best spoonss was the michigan scorpion yeager bomb, pooh bear purple, and anything pink and purle..

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    Thanks, for all the tips. Looking forward to getting back up there. We'll be out there friday through sunday. I'll post our results (good or bad).

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