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    Default Any Luck?

    Made a short trip today NE winds made for rough water. Water is cleaning up offshore. Didnt catch any fish. Did anyone have any luck this weekend?

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    LongBeachHogHunter Guest


    Still doing some last minute spring preperations on the boat so I havent had a chance to get out yet (hopefully in the next couple days, weather permitting). Anyhow, I talked to a number of people jigging in the area of Turtle Creek this weekend and nearly all of them reported slow spuradic bites. Hopefully it will remain calm this week and clear up the water... Overall, give it a week.
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    Jeffca24 Guest

    Default No Luck

    I also made a 2 day trip and tried all different color jigs and came up with nothing.

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    rickb303 Guest


    just got home 2 hours ago didnt do any good at turtle creek just a flat tire on 75 did see a guy with 10 eyes was using chartrous whistler jigs i didnt have any of them he was out a few hundred yards and east a little he also said he snaged quite a few

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    wanderin_eyes Guest

    Default Sundays trip

    Launched out of Port Clinton. Be very careful if coming down from the river the channel makers are not in yet and water is very shallow if you miss the channel.
    We ran out to Niragra and fish for a few hours there not a bite. Went over to crib and tried with no results. We threw everything at them but the kitchen sink, I think I did see one of those drift by though.
    We saw a few boats use the net but that was all. But the cabin fever is gone now and I felt good to be out.

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    Unhappy no luck

    We were out saturday and sunday both. Fished all the way from bayshore out to harbor light. Water was so dirty and couldn't find clean water any where. Threw everything and every color in the box at them but two days of nothing except two short fish. Fished along side two charters on sat. and only seen 2 caught. Maybe next weekend though that isn't looking promising. Nice couple of days for a boat ride. Beware of all the debris. Lots of poles, trees and large debris field around little cedar.

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    Default very very slow

    we were also out on sunday, no luck. caught 2 snagged others next week snow in forcast see you in 2 weeks it should be going strong by then....

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    Wall-Aye Guest

    Post April 6th out of Port Clinton.

    I took my two sons out on a head boat. We rolled a few but didn't catch any, but the boat caught 14 with one guy catching the limit. I'm not a seasoned pro, but not a newbie either. We fished off the power plant in 12-15 feet of water. Fish were laying in the mud, but with some extremely hard work we managed to boat some nice males in the 20~22" range. Caught mostly on bare brightly colored hair jigs. We plan to try again in a couple weeks when the water clears up a bit.

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