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    Default ramp

    most of the posts here are from Ohio. Could anyone tell me which are the best ramps to launch from, if I were to fish the west sister island area. I have fished there but it is a long run from Bolles Harbor always seems like I'm just asking for trouble running that far from shore.

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    buckykatt Guest

    Default michigan waters

    mitch - I don't have any good info for you but I am looking for the same - fished Friday out of Luna Pier and it seems like all the boats were just on the Ohio side of the line. Tried the Michigan side with bouncers, Erie dearies, and a little trolling with spoons. ended up with 1 sheephead, 8 white bass, and one small walleye. I think Meinke Marina west is the closest ramp for a trip from Michigan, I think I will spring for the Ohio license and give that a try. any advice out there?

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    curt319 Guest

    Default wild wings

    it is just west of davis besse on state rte 2. it cost 10 bucks to launch but we be about the closet to go to west sister

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    duckdog Guest

    Default ramp

    the run to west sister from cooly canal at the metzer marsh ramp is not bad at all nice ramp thare my son and i cought our limts last sat and sun half way to the island in 22fow on spoons with 40 ft jets we out by a can away from the pac . poo bear prpl and ser waleye .

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    Default metzger marsh

    this is wards canal by the metzger pier and its free to launch and close to the island west sister its around 9 miles from there. cooley canal is at meinke west the distense is the same to the island and its off corduroy road but they charge you there. we been fishing 2 miles west of island huge pack there you will see all the boats good luck went friday there and had bad luck only got 1

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    duckdog Guest

    Default meinkes east

    was talkn about meinkes east on bono dr. Next to. ccyc there is a state ramp thare that is free.

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    Mellow Yellow Guest

    Default Launch

    There is an excellent public launch on 53 North on Catawba Island.

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