After not much happening yesterday. Went out early this morning south of green. Decent marks, but only a couple. By then all the boats showed up. At least 50 boats to the south, and west. I had stopped on my way out between rattlesnake and and middle bass to the south a bit. Huge marks even at 5:30 in the morning. I was the first boat on the lake. tried there yesterday, so I continued to my earlier mentioned spot. I didnít want to deal with the huge pack, so figured Iíd go back up north. Came around green, and saw the another big pack up there as well. I donít know how the boats down south did, but up north everyone was pulling. I stopped to the south west of the main pack marking tons. It wasnít up, and down but very steady. A couple double ups, and only 1 little walleye. No other junk. Caught my 30 in about 3 hours plus another 10 or so throw backs under 9. Crappie rig frozen shiners. Whole, and 1/2s. I kept switching back and forth every time it slowed down. I donít think it made a difference honestly. The boat next to me said the were using live minnows. I donít know if they found shiners, or goldies, but the guy on the side facing me was pulling 3 to my 2. Great day! No one moved, and more kept coming.