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No worries...I wasn't offended. I know what you mean....a couple captain friends and I, hired another captain friend for a day in a new area, and he didn't even let US set lines, even though we fish the same way. lol

I have heard of the lite bite slide divers, but never saw one, or used them before.

I also agree that no one knows it all...though, I've met a few that think they do.

If I went with a Captain and they didn't allow me to set lines and handle the rods, I would never book with them again. Obviously, there are all levels of maturity when it comes to fishing clients, so you should assist when needed. Teaching is the fun part, IMO. A buddy of mine up here in MI (Capt. Nick) had clients recently that showed up in clothes that were nowhere near appropriate for the temps (or the activity, for that matter). I was laughing my @$$ off when he was telling me. One of them showed up with flip-flops and a short skirt. If you think that outfit was bad, you should have seen how his wife and daughters were dressed!... JK. That was one of the daughters. He told them over and over before they showed up how to dress. They didn't listen. They were back at the dock in 90 mins.