Fishing with Frank and Ray 11/1/2022 Fishing with Frank and Ray 11/1/2022 Fishing with Frank and Ray 11/1/2022 Fishing with Frank and Ray 11/1/2022
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    Default Fishing with Frank and Ray 11/1/2022

    I have fished Frank and Ray a few times, now. Frank likes to go out with me, before heading out for a few days in his own boat. He likes the practice, and the ideas on where to go, and what to do.

    After watching the forecast on TV last night, I wasn't sure if we would be going today, because they were calling for some dense fog to be hanging around until noon. I wasn't going to go if it were thick fog, because of the brawl going on, and knowing how unsafe some people can be in bad conditions. But, it didn't happen.
    When I got up this morning, there wasn't any fog...just a misty rain, so I sent a text to Frank, letting him know that we were still on, and that I would meet them at the Huron ramp at 7:30.
    Sunrise, isn't until a little after 8am right now, and since it was cloudy, it was going to be darker than usual at 7:30.

    We took our time heading out the river, and by the time we got to our area over in front of Cranberry, in 33 feet of water, it was light enough to set the Off Shore boards out on their merry way, pulling Bandits behind them.

    The Ulterra steered us in a northeasterly direction, so that we would gradually get to deeper water, the further we went. The speed was set at 1.7mph.

    Bandits on the starboard side were set at 120, 115, 100, and 95 back, and the Bandits on the port side ran with 2oz Guppie weights at 35/65, 35/50, 35/40, and 35/35.

    Colors were:
    Daydream (4)
    RC Crush (2)
    Glacial Shad
    Green Lantern

    It was a slow pick, but enough to keep us in the area.

    After making our way all the way to Vermilion, and trolling over 40 feet of water, I turned the nose of the Vexus to the east, and headed towards Vermilion's breakwall. We caught three nice walleye going that direction when we got over 37 feet of water, but the marks disappeared as quick as they showed up, and we never got another bite. I tried going back over them, but they didn't cooperate.

    It was at that time, when I had made the turn to go back over them, that I heard a Loon call. I looked out, and saw a orange Ninja board being pulled around, like the barrel in the back of "Jaws".
    It would go under, and then pop up when the Loon popped up, and go under again when the Loon would dive.
    It was a young female. We were going one way, and it was going the other, so I said, "We should try to help it", but then I realized, I had 8 boards out, and two old men in the boat. I didn't know how fast we could bring them in, to go chase her. We would certainly lose sight of her, before we could get back to her.

    First, we decided we couldn't do it, but then a minute later I said, "Let's pick them up fast, we need to go try to help that Loon". Frank agreed. Luckily, it stayed in line between us and another boat, so I could keep track of her. And, she didn't move very far.

    Once we had everything in the boat, I turned the boat around and headed towards her. I had Frank get up on the bow seat with the net, so he could try to net the board. He missed the first attempt, and I threw the throttle in reverse, so I could maneuver the bow towards the floating board. The engine must have startled the bird, because she popped up, and sat there. Frank was able to net the board and bring it to the boat.

    Once I had my hands on the gobs of braided line, I was able to handline the Loon to the side of the boat, where we scooped her up in the net, too. It's a rubber net, so she didn't get tangled in it. Her beak was poking through the basket of the net, so with my gloved hand, I held her beak, and instructed Frank to grab the knife, so he could cut the line that was wrapped around her wing, and body.

    Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, and she was cut free in no time at all. She thanked me by poking at my pant leg, which, you should know, kind of hurts. lol

    She sat there for a while, and then I picked her up and did the "Back to the Wild's"...."1-2-3 Be Free" slogan, and she flew off the side of the boat...beating her wings, landing, and then diving. So, with that, I knew she was going to be okay.

    Frank and Ray were very happy that we were able to rescue her, and I'm sure she is very happy we were able to, too.

    The radio chatter said that they were doing well out in 45 feet of water off Vermilion, so we picked up and headed north a few miles, to reach that depth. We set up again with the usual program.

    Once again, the radio chatter mentioned that the "Sun Spot" bandit at 100 back was doing well, so I dug one out of the box, and put it out. It wasn't out there an entire minute, before that Off Shore board when flying back. Frank got a kick out of that, and said to Ray, "How about that, Ray? I think we'll need to listen to the radio more... they give you tips". He then asked what channel I listen to, so I told him, "79".

    Then, I put a couple more "Sun Spots" out, but we were interrupted in our trolling pass, by a freighter that was bearing down on us, so I said, "We need to pick up and move out of the way...those freighters move faster than they appear, and I don't know where he plans on going." So we did.

    We moved back to 43 feet of water, where I had seen several boats prior to moving out to 45 feet. We set up one last time, and needed only one fish to finish out their two-man limits. We caught one nice one, and Frank mentioned he was tired, and since we only had 1/2 hour left, we decided to go in.

    It was a beautiful morning on the lake, even though it was cloudy and kind of foggy. The wind was light out of the WSW, so the conditions on the lake were fantastic. They had fun, learned some stuff they had forgotten since the last time out, and are now ready to hit the water the rest of the week, in Frank's boat.

    I'm not scheduled again until the 11th, so I'll be off, and continuing the training of my new 10 week old pup, Alfie, and keeping Dexter happy.

    It's supposed to be beautiful the rest of the week, so I'm pretty sure, since I'm not scheduled, you can thank me for that. hehehe

    Stay tuned....

    Capt Juls

    PS...If anyone is missing a Ninja Board with braided line and a chrome spotted Bandit...let me know. You can have it back. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Fishing with Frank and Ray 11/1/2022

    Great post and good for you all for saving the Loon. You take from nature and you give back to nature

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    Default Re: Fishing with Frank and Ray 11/1/2022

    You should have some good karma coming your way for doing that. Glad to see that the Glacier Shad is working for you, along with the Green Lantern, etc.

    For those that have not seen the Glacier Shad before, it looks like this:

    Fishing with Frank and Ray 11/1/2022-glacier-shad-jpg Slimshady Customs - Custom Painted Crankbaits & Blanks. (Bandit Style Deep-Divers and other various crankbaits)

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