9/14 perch report 9/14 perch report 9/14 perch report 9/14 perch report
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    Thanks for posting. I spoke to him as he passed my boat at the dock and he was friendly. Keep up with the post.

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    Ok ok at least the comments back to me were civil, that is a nice thing, these days people say stuff on the internet that I’d get a bar of soap in my mouth for as a kid

    That being said, I meant no disrespect to the captain and as several pointed out he and Juls are kind enough to post. I don’t suppose somebody could explain the numbers both he and Juls list

    How many people know biaxially oriented polypropylene or BOPP PST is pressure sensitive clear box tape?

    Once again Captain Porkchop no offense meant

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    Always appreciate the fishing reports. Please keep them coming captains.

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    Archive report from a senior member who is no longer posting

    Re: Water Dogs~ Perch Report October 23 , 2021 the last day

    50 yellow perch, SE of G can , 22 fow very bouncy, and 16 pounds at the cleaners.
    many trow backs (2 dozen) , (good sign for the next year) and some pesky white perch.
    using spreaders, shiners, bling and no bling.
    This is the last post for the season, feet dry soon, and I hope to be back for some more fishing fun in March~April 2022.

    So after some time thinking about the above string of comments it reminded me of one of our best contributors to this site waterdog and his regular perch reports you may notice the detail to location presentation and catch that helped us all and put us on active fish .

    This site I believe was intended to be for that purpose . It was also to help new fisherman and women understand and locate areas they are unfamiliar with .
    Vague descriptions like 18 foot of water western basin could be anywhere from Michigan to about vermilion .
    I do appreciate the charter captains reports they make for interesting reading as well as great advertising for there charter business .

    Iam sure some may respond with there ubjections as is there right however for the folks out there that remember waterdog as well as others who no longer contribute regularly to the site it's a huge loss.

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    Amen. Mblmike i agree

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    We all greatly appreciate anyone that posts information to help us novice fisherman. However, let us keep in mind that folks like " Porkchop" make their living on the water, where as " Waterdog" just enjoyed sharing information, and that doesnt affect his paycheck !! The pros have to be carefull with there info or the spots they worked so hard to find may become overly crowded. Sort like a treasure finder, if he tells eveyone where the treasure is.....well we know what the outcome would be !!!!

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    If I remember correctly,water dog rarely posted the exact location of where he was fishing.He most likely posted his location in that above post since he was done fishing for season.Waterdog also criticized Capt Sam about not posting his location earlier this past spring.When fellow members came to Capt Sam defense the dog stopped posting.Most charter captains that post anything do not post location of where they were catching last.Juls and Sam are the exception.

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    As a long time member of this site simply reading and dreaming of making it to Erie one day, I just recently jumped in and booked a charter for myself and a few coworkers. Who did I book with? Capt. Sam, aka Porkchop. He and Jules were the only two I even considered. And I must say, we had a cold front blow in overnight, a strong NE wind, and weeds out the wazoo. Despite this, Capt. Sam got us on fish and we had a blast. He was very sociable, explaining everything he was doing with the rigs, showed us on the graph where we were at and why. Even showed us where he wanted to be but couldn’t due the strong winds. Chartering is his lifestyle. But fishing is his lifeblood. He is passionate about it and is always willing to share on this site. He gives us all enough clues that points us in the right direction. Then it’s up to us to do the “fishing”. Yes, it is called fishing for a reason and not catching. Thanks again Capt. Sam for the amazing time on the water.

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