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    Went out to west sister trolled chartreuse and silver speckled blades all with orange beads 2oz inline sinkers. Trolled at speeds between 2 to 3.5 ran into good fish caught a limit in a few hours but didnít have to go over the northern border. Most fish are in the 25 to 28 ft range east of west sister

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    Thanks. Huge help to someone like me who lives far away and only makes a couple trips.

    If you don't mind me asking when trolling blades how far above do you clip on the weight? And how much line?

    Still use a piece of crawler I'm assuming?

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    Yes,you still put a worm on your harnesses if casting or trolling.A good length leader is 6-7 ft long.We have been using a #2 tadpole sinker/ diver from offshore with our harnesses last several weeks.Best leads had been 60-80 with 80 being the best.Last Sunday had to fish them at 120 after that Saturday blow.We also use a 3 oz sinker to fish even deeper if needed.

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