Trolling with braided line Trolling with braided line Trolling with braided line Trolling with braided line
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    Have been using braid for some time without any issues. At one of the Niagara Falls Fishing Expo's I sat in a seminar where one of the Charter Capt.'s that was participating in the seminar said that he used braid on his downriggers. Thought about changing and made the move over to it. I found that it made it easier to detect those fish that get hooked and swim along. The only negative was with the rigger release that I was using which utilized a nylon/plastic pin that you rapped the line around. I had been using this type of release since the mid 1980's. The original one was called the Wil-Jer. What was occurring was the braided line was cutting a groove into the pin. After some research on rigger releases I switched over to a Black's release that has a steel pin on it which solved the problem.

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    We too have found the Blacks releases the only way to go for Walleye on our riggers. You can adjust them down for the light bite. There are some cheaper Blacks knock offs that work OK, but if in doubt stick with blacks.

    We also have stuck with braid for our riggers. Not so much to show a light bite as the little 10 inchers don't do anything but drag along. We mainly use braid just to keep everything the same. We buy the large spools of 30# braid and just use it for everything. It comes in handy when you get hammered by a big farm animal in the shallow Western basin.
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