Fished last Friday, 9/17 with John.Was looking like the last time before put boat in storage.I'm writing this at our lake house laying plank flooring that got damaged during memorial day flood.Figured I would post a late report since not much fishing going on this weekend.
Started out by cedar point dump.Found some nice marks and set out rods.Caught a 20" fish right away on a white perch bandit at 80 unassisted.Then nothing for next 1.5hrs.John wanted to move so off to weather Bouy we went.Saw only a couple boats off to the east a few miles.Started to set out lines and caught back to back 25" fish before could get all rods out.Got one on purple worm burner on dipsey 3setting at 85 and other on jointed #7 flicker shad perch color on dipsey 1 setting at 65.Again nothing for a while.Caught a fish here and there but no real pattern.Seam they wanted purple color since my white worm burner caught nothing and caught a few on the purple worm burner.Settled on 4 dipsies and 2 boards.At end of day caught another 25" fish in a humble bee bandit at 180 w 2oz weight.Was another tough bite.Fished like 6hrs and caught 8fish that weighed 27lbs.The trim on Johns boat stopped working on his IO coming in.Found a leak in the line the next day.Good timing to have a mechanical problem coming in on last trip of season.Doubt if getting out any more this season.