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    Saturday, fished on a neighbors boat, crew of 4. Wind forecast was for building winds as the day progressed, and they did. At the end had 3-4'ers waves with an occasional 5' for good measure. Had decent size goldies from A&J's. Fished east of H can, set up around 8:45. Caught 68 keepers, and at least as many shorts. Largest perch was 11", average size was 8.5". Bite was between nothing for 10 minutes, to "very briefly once" up and down and changed through out the day. Wind was really starting to howl, and was hard to feel a bite between the wind, waves and spray so picked up around 2 PM and headed back to camp in PC. Water was a bit murky.

    Great day on the lake!

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    Nice catch .. But lil to rough for me .. Looks like it will be that way for a few days more

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    I'm coming up tomorrow gonna fish Wednesday and Thursday. Why H can I'm just curious. Don't hear much about that area.

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    the winds probably kept him closer to shore. The fish don't really relate to the cans, just us humans as a marker.

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    I'm gonna be searching for a place to perch fish Thursday. H can is the opposite direction I was thinking. Seems shallow there to me. But that was a pretty good report.

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    Yes, wind was a factor as well as being coming out of Port Clinton, so time and fuel dollars come into play also. Have perched East of Kellys, North of West sister in the past if conditions or the bite is not right out front. Usually later in the season as the water cools down the perch bite improves here and points South in shallower water yet

    3 Neighbors fished near here, probably closer to G can yesterday and caught 65

    4 of us in the wind again today caught 42, smaller grade, than Saturday, largest was 10.25 today

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    Thursday, moved 3times, ended with 18, nice grade, no quanity

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    I decided to hold back from coming up this week. Glad I did. I'm giving it time for the water temperature to drop down to around 67 degrees it's 73 now. From the research I've done it will be 2 or 3 weeks and hopefully it will pick up for both perch and walleye.

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