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    Found a tackle box last night laying in the road at Mazurik dock if anyone knows someone that lost it message me

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    Good person

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    Big shout out to Greatwhitehunter for finding and posting my lost tackle box on the Western Basin Walleye Fishing report and other apps. Thanks to others who saw the post and my post, my tackle box will be returned to me! Thought for sure it was gone. So thankful Greatwhitehunter was the one who found the box. Like most Fisherman, he is an honest and caring guy!

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    Oh that is pretty cool right there!!!!

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    Super job great white. There are a few good honest folks left. I left mine at the local city reservoir a few years ago. Went back within a half hour and it was gone and the shady character at the counter knew nothing of it. Hundreds of dollars down the drain.

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    great to hear you got it back. a few yrs ago up in geneva oh I found a good set of trolling bags and didn't have a clue. I live in Indiana but went to the geneva marina and posted them with my phone number. after about 2 yrs and no contact, we decided to try them. I was using an easy troll trolling plate. but after that, I still use the bags. I never returned them but I tried. and they are put to good use.

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    We found an inline planner board yesterday coming back from fishing east of Niagra reef and it had a Bandit rapped up around it. Guy from Wisconsin had his name and phone number on it so I gave him a call.
    Turns out he lost it last April around B can. I could not believe it was still in the impact area off Camp Perry since April.
    Will be mailing it back to him as soon as he sends me his address.
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    Honesty is always the best policy. I hope each of you catch a wall hanger this week.

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