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    Hey all,
    I’ve been doing my due diligence and reading as much as I can ahead of a last minute trip to the Sandusky/Toledo area. However I can only do so much research before next weekend. My family and I are headed to Oregon, OH on the weekend of the 24th. I am a seasoned walleye guy from West Michigan. We have a family obligation that I’ve been given the green light to ditch. Hell yeah!!! I’m planning on bringing my 17ft Tracker WT, 115hp outboard, trolling motor with iPilot, two downriggers, planer boards, more rods than hours of the day, two Humminbird DI/SI units. I’ve got tons of harnesses, Flicker Minnows (mostly 5’s and 7’s), Reef Runners, most of the common Rapala’s out there, a ton of other miscellaneous cranks, some spoons though not my forte, bottom bouncers, blah blah blah. Some leadcore as well. I’ve been reading some reports (though it doesn’t look like Ohio DNR is real diligent on updating reports). Read a bit on here. It seems like the shipping channel out to like West Sister island is a pretty common area. The other option that sounds reasonable is going out of Sandusky and heading toward Kelley’s Island. I hear a lot about certain buoys (ie “F buoy” or similar) as being relatively productive recently. That being said, if you’re still reading, thanks! Lol I have a couple questions. First- is my boat “enough” to go that far? Is Erie as treacherous as my home lake of (Michigan)? How big should I/can I expect? I know Erie isn’t the depth that I normally
    deal with. Any general location recommendations? I am not trying to steal your favorite spot by any stretch just some general recommendations. I’ll do plenty of map recon ahead of my hit time, and ill
    put in the work when I get there FOR SURE. I am NOT getting back to the family event early. Lol Any specific bait shops you recommend or launches that are that are preferred? I know this is a lot. I appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!


    PS- I’m a couple things- retired Army vet, current physician assistant aaaaaaannd custom knife maker. If anyone is willing to do me a solid and wants to PM me their address I’ll send you a little sumthin’. 😉

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    Hey there, I fish from an 18 ft deep v boat. From what I hear Erie is even more aggressive weather/water wise than is Lake MI because Lake Erie is shallower. But I watch my days, weather and wind direction. For the most part, if I see over 10 mph I have to think about it. Especially if it is out of the North or East. But that said, I am able to fish the lake a lot and travel some pretty long distances out there. West of the islands is where I am assuming you would fish due to the location you said you were at. I like to fish the water East of the islands. But there are walleyes all over. In fact there have been some reports of good catches farther West than I normally travel. The Toledo shipping channel and everywhere to the islands. As far as methods, it depends on how you want to fish. Trolling is most popular any more for walleyes it seems. I recommend looking at some of the reports prior to your post. You can learn a lot from them and what is working for them. From your post you have everything you need. The western basin is not very deep. If you find over 40 feet you found a deep spot.Try to get some crank baits, spoons or harness down around 17-18 ft. Or just above your marks you will catch them pretty easy. Lot of dinks out there so I use cranks mostly and I check them often for hitch hikers. Just look for the groups of moving boats. Good Luck. Oh yes- & thanks for your past service to our Great Nation! USA!!!!!



    Ranger Cherokee 237 18ft.
    115 HP. Johnson SPL
    15 HP Merc. Kicker
    Xi5 Motorguide Auto Anchor/GPS
    FL-20 Vexilar
    898 HD DI SI Humminbird GPS
    Navonics Premium
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    Good launches by Oregon are Magee east , Metzger's Marsh and Fenwick. Best bait shop around my opinion is the Happy Hooker. A,B C and D cans are always good spots. They are off shore a ways so make sure you run on south wind. A west, east and north or any combo of those winds will be bumpy if its over 10kts. I run deep diving crankbaits like bandits, flicker minnow 11s and WNC Reapers 17-20ft depending on depth. Water depth that way is 25-30ft. I like to run 1.6 to 2.2 with wind and against the wind. Just watch the wind and waves hit the throttle if you see whitecaps way out there in your little boat "no disrespect" on the little boat. I run the lake in the winter in 18ft deep V duck boat and all summer in a 30footer.

    good luck
    happy hooking
    and congrats on the pass from family event !!

    Capt. Andy
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    There has been a nice school of keepers around west sister the past month.Not sure where they are located now.Also fish east of kellies.Guys have been doing well trolling the double willow harnesses last several weeks.Cranks also have been catching fish too.Seams the bigger fish are deeper in water column now.Speed is 2.0-2.4mph but I have seen posts of guys going faster.Good luck,hope this weather pattern of high humidity and storms end soon.

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    Lots of good Fishing in Oregon , Ohio, that is where I am .
    Go to Butch and Denny Bait Shop on Corduroy Rd , than to Meinke Marina West , there is a Free County Ramp there .
    I also Dock there .
    Your Boat will be Fine as long as it is not rough, just do not go if wind is from east or NE
    There is currently a pretty good school 4 miles out and a little East of marina .
    just look for the Boats . there will be many if weather allows .

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