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    Fishing tomorrow with the Walleyes for Wounded Heroes group and I cannot find the fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would really like to put these guys on some fish. I am going out of east harbor but will go anywhere. Are the reefs or can line still good?

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    I heard there running towards canadian line out your way.Lots of fish.I fish central basin and we are doing well.I would find 50 foot water and fish between 30 and 40 down. Try flicker minnows with 4 ounces of weight.And also use crawler harnesses white take lots of worms .Good luck amd you support a great cause!

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    Have been camping and launching out of east harbor all week. Yes go to the line northeast of Kelly's. U will see the pack of boats. We used bandits and spoons and did well. 40ft of water fishing 15 to 25 deep. Have fun!!

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    Fished 1 mile west of West Sister in 30 ft of water yesterday evening.. Did really well but a LOT of throw backs in with them .. Spoons and Bandits.. Boards 42 -75 back speed 2.6 2.8 .. North and south

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    I fished Wednesday East of West Sister and north about 3 miles of West Sister, 11 miles straight north of Wild Wings.
    Fished Evening got 12 keepers in about 3 hrs. 31' of water80-100 back on #2 tadpole stingers, 50 out on a #1 Dipsey on the 3 setting. Only took 1 on a bandit. Tons of shorts and some white bass & sheepshead. Long run.
    Fished Thursday Evening out of Cranberry almost to Vermillion Dumping grounds. 5-9 pm got a much better grade of fish, same program.

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