5/15-5/16 Casting 5/15-5/16 Casting 5/15-5/16 Casting 5/15-5/16 Casting
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    Planning on casting for some walleye tomorrow and Sunday. Does anyone have some good locations to try? We are launching out of the west side of Catawba so the closer the better!

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    i believe my sunday trip is a casting trip not sure were going yet feel free to text or call me sun if you want todd 419-467-4761 i leave out of NW catawba marina by state ramp

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    We will be casting Sat morning and possibly Sun. Launching from Fox Haven. We will likely be around the islands, but some friends only caught 2 on Wed casting in the same place.

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    A friend and I caught 4 nice walleyes between Niagara reef
    and C Can today casting dearies. Water was very clear and 31 feet.

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    Between three of us on Sat we caught 5 and a bonus perch between the islands. Using Erie D's. A lot of shorts and WB as well.

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    I fished Friday a little south of Perry's monument and caught one, but never saw a fish netted in several hours in a hundred boats. Same thing Sunday--caught one nice Walleye at 8 am off the NW corner of Kelley's and never saw a fish netted out of fifty boats. Saturday I did not see anyone cleaning fish anywhere.

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    Go west young man. Got a two man limit Saturday and Sunday south of G can. Got my single limit today by 930 just south of F can. Gold and perch colored EDs.

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    Good fishing! I am definitely getting frustrated. There was some talk here on the walleye.com forum about setting up a tip system for folks who hang out here. I guess all we would need is a list of phone numbers, and then I could send a text to all on the list--from that point on, all fishing tips would be in response to my original text. New folks could be added anytime by including them when we text. (My wife assures me this would work.) I will post this comment in a new thread also. Folks can answer here with their phone number if they like.

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    My phone number for the Walleye hotspot list is 419 543-0192.

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    I would like to join.
    My number is 216 nine zero five 0729
    Im shall be out this weekend both mornings and maybe an evening.
    I leave out of west side of catawba south of NW catawba marine.

    thank you,

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