We launched at Mazurik at 6:30 and headed to the east side of Kelleys and got set up and had 15 fish in the box on bandits back 35 to 65 in an hour. At that time the boats just kept coming and they where everywhere and the water was getting pretty clear and it shut the fish off. So i moved to the north side of kelleys shoal and found some nice fish and set up on them 45 to 90 back a little deeper. We pulled some nice fish there to finish up their limits topped off with a 30" 9.5 lb fish. We had a great couple days with this crew and wrapped this day up just before the big winds moved in. Brian will be back for another 2 day trip in May.
4/5 morning 2nd trip with Brian and Family-4221-015-jpg4/5 morning 2nd trip with Brian and Family-4221-016-jpg