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Thread: Boat repair

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    Mike, I know, right? Thanks, keep up the good work guys.

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    Just go to search put in what you're looking for and threads with that will come up. I appreciate all information this site offers.

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    Duckbutter, You seem to be the only one that gets worked up about people asking for help. Are you Admin?? If people want to help other boaters let them help.

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    What we do requires a well functioning boat and I too am happy to help and RECEIVE help when something and someone needs advice on how to repair and where to get parts! I have zero issues with anyone who talks boats on this website. Without the boat, there is no fishing.

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    Same here, just use the right section. Duh.
    It's not about being helpful with information, I'm all for that. Focus fellows, what's so complicated about using the correct forum. This is the fishing report forum. It's that simple. Not sure why the moderators haven't picked up on this yet.
    Duckwater boat owner, I fish for fun.

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    First I put star board on the aft deck of my Lund. Last floor you will ever need. Not cheap.

    Second, Ducker is right that this is the fishing report forum and all non fishing repot related discussions have their own place. HOWEVER try posting for help in another forum and see how much traffic your questions get. "Western basin fishing report" gets more views than all others combined.

    Be an example not a hypocrite.

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    This site is the most read site. So newbie look for info. Here I have also ask for info. I have no problem with it. If it offends you don't read. Besr resturant, line size boat repair. Jus wanting info to make the trip more enjoyable.

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    Ducker. Am I reading your profile correctly? You haven't even been a member a year? I and many others have NO problem with any information posted here related to boating any fishing. Don't like it? Don't read it!

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    Default Skiffcraft boat works

    [[email protected];71228]
    Quote Originally Posted by HawgHunter View Post
    ​Can anyone give me a recommendation on what type of plywood I should use for a new floor in my aluminum boat[/QUOTE.
    Marine plywodd sealed on top bottom and sides. We covered ours with vinyl. Just hose it out atthe end of the day. Works great. We got the marine plywood at Skiffcraft Boatworks in Plain City Ohio.
    Called them up great guys very helpful they have wood and vinyl and good advise really like to use local talent and keep them in business . They recommended the exact same thing you quoted above Hawg Hunter
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