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    Just turned on the TV na dot was a show where 2 dudes are fishing for walleye. I didn't catch what lake they were fishing, only that it was during the spawn and they were targeting spawned out females. They proceeded to catch a 22" "hog". I don't know about y'all, but we regularly catch 25" Jack's and can damn near guarantee everyone on the boat a Fish Ohio female in April. On top of having size, we also have numbers. Just a ridiculously awesome fishery we have. Enjoy it and take care of it.

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    Truth. No doubt.
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    Yes,we have an amazing fishery.With the higher water levels contributing to a string of great walleye hatches, have read that there are a record number of walleye in Erie this year.Those 2015 fish were 3-5lbs last fall and will be nice fish to put in the cooler.The huge 2018 fish hatch should be plentiful and around 17" in size.Seams the bait populations came back last year and the fish we caught finally looked thicker.Now,if the yellow perch can increase in numbers and become easier to catch for guys that target them.We are also coming up on the Covid shutdown that coincided with the beginning of fishing last spring.The charters should be able to start the season on time this year.With the vaccines ramping up production and being administered,should soon see a significant decrease of Covid spread too.Looks like the ice fishermen will be able to get in some hard water fishing soon with this extreme cold we now have Forcast for a while.Should have a great season for fishing this year on Erie.

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    You guys have no idea how spoiled you really are. I live in southern WI and when we go walleye fishing, its all day and we may get a couple 15"ers. We get big ones occasionally but nothing compared to the size and shear numbers we caught the year before last in Port Clinton. We will be back May 1st come hell or high water. This year were going to bring my 25' Bayliner this year which I'm exited about as we will have room compared to the 19' Alumicraft. It is used to Lake Michigan salmon fishing so switch out the rods and good to go trolling Erie[. Speaking of salmon fishing, maybe we are a bit spoiled as well... I have a 25-1/2 pound king on the wall from Milwaukee 2 years ago. Anyways, I'm new to walleye.com and love the communication and look forward to draggin cranks this spring with you guys!
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    Yes getting jiggy looking forward to it I met a lot of folks over the past year who are struggling with Pandemic Fatigue including myself but when we talk about fishing I feel better .

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    Walleye and whitetail are good reasons to live in Ohio. 🙂

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