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    I have the DepthMaster ll. I did notice a design difference. I'll avoid that one. I had trouble getting coca-cola down here in the Dayton area back before Christmas. They said there was an aluminum shortage.

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    I've used Cabelas depth master 2, Abu Garcia Ambassador 5500 and Shimano Tekota 550. The Shimano are easily the best of those 3. I replaced all of my Cabelas reels with Shimano 2 years ago and don't regret it a bit. Running big boards was a pain with the Cabelas because you always have to reel in or thumb the spool in a bit to open the bail whereas no matter what I'm pulling the Shimanos never lock up.

    The Garcia reels are fine and a good middle ground. You'd have a hard time damaging them if you tried. I've owned Ambassador reels of some shape or size for 20 years that still work great. The main thing that I don't like about them is the line counter sometimes doesn't work and has to be reset multiple times before they register. Also, when running big boards, unlike the Shimano or Cabelas where you can just flip the lever to engage the bail you actually have to turn the handle on the Abu Garcia to stop your spool. It seems like a minor thing but sometimes it's not easy to do when it's in a rod holder with another rod right next to it.

    The Cabelas reels also were geared so poorly that it felt like 2-3 turns of the handle to bring in the same amount of line as 1 turn of the Shimano. The Garcia feel like they're slightly more work than the Shimano, but that could just be that they're just a little less smooth.

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    I've run the Okuma Convector 30s for many years, and they get used daily.. I've replaced quite a few bail springs in them, and several line counters. For the use we put on them, I think thy hold up very well for the price. But definitely have to be careful that the handle is not in the 'wrong' spot when you flip the bail lever! Seems to be a glitch in the Okumas... no way around it.
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    Has anyone used a digital line counter reel. I'm looking at the Abu Garcia® 1400534 - Ambassadeur™ AMBS-5500LC S Line Counter Reel. I can't find any information about the battery it takes. I really don't think I would want to deal with that when it fails in the middle of the day. Any thoughts.

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    I have 6 okuma convector reels for sale on the market place page if your interested in saving some money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badboards View Post
    The Okuma Magda pro is included with this combo called Great lakes trolling combo. Comes with a decent looking rod that's 8.6 feet long. I may jump on a couple of those. Any thoughts on a rod that long.

    i use the okuma rigs but 8' 6 is too big they make a lake erie trolling combo 7 6 that i use they work really nice

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    The two I ordered came yesterday, they messed up and sent me the CLX Classic Reel it has no line counter on it so back they go. Asked them to substitute it for the great lakes trolling combo with the Dipsy rod, it's 10' long and comes with the Okuma Magda reel, it should be able to handle the planer boards too. I saw the one your talking about but its action is to light for planer boards I thought.
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