This was my third trip this year with this crew and we made it a good one. We boated them a nice pile of walleye just north of the huron dump in 42' of water. We ran all bandits chrome blue was the best today at 1.8 70 to 90 back with 50' lead and 2 oz did the work. Was a fairly nice day out with some nice sun shine. Starting to see a lot of bait in the water system and it is slowing down the bite for sure. Hard to compete with so much of the real thing around.
saturday trip 11/28/20-113020-013-jpgsaturday trip 11/28/20-113020-016-jpgsaturday trip 11/28/20-113020-018-jpgsaturday trip 11/28/20-113020-020-jpgsaturday trip 11/28/20-113020-011-jpg