We launched out of Huron at 6:45 today and headed east towards Vermilion to that big school of fish I located yesterday. We set all bandits out with a mix of chromes and white body baits all with 50' leads 2 oz weight and 120 total was deepest and 60' total was shallowest and they all caught fish but 120 back was the best today. The fish where really feeding well today we had 6 on at one time today and at one point we only had two rods in the water out of twelve we caught so many fish so fast. The fishing right now is off the hook good, we put a 6 man limit of nice walleye in the boat today. None of my trips this week where Brawl trips so we where focusing on filling limits for the freezer and the grade of fish has been really good. We had a young fellow on board with us today that really loves to fish and he hung in there really well with us today. He watched me fillet all of the fish very attentively. I think he is hooked for life!! Great day to be on the water, great sunshine, calm lake and warm air and best of all HUNGRY fish.
Saturday 11/7/20 trip with Levi and crew-11920-018-jpgSaturday 11/7/20 trip with Levi and crew-11920-025-jpgSaturday 11/7/20 trip with Levi and crew-11920-023-jpgSaturday 11/7/20 trip with Levi and crew-11920-027-jpg