We launched out of Huron at 7 am and headed west of the dump and set up trolling northeast with the wind. We picked up 6 fish on that pass but the bite was slow and not the marks I was looking for so we headed east towards Vermilion. We found a nice pod of fish and set up on a very good bite. and had a three man limit in very short order and played catch and release for a while before heading back in. We ran all white bodied bandits today and of course i always have at least one blue chrome out. speed was 2.0 today and we caught them high and low. 50' leads with 2 oz back from 60 to 120 total line out and they all caught fish. Biggest fish today was a 9 lb fish good grade of fish today. These guys are coming back in the spring to try for a wall hanger walleye for Romans trophy room. Very nice weather today hard to believe its november.
Friday 11/6/20 Huron Trip with Al and Roman-11920-008-jpgFriday 11/6/20 Huron Trip with Al and Roman-11920-006-jpgFriday 11/6/20 Huron Trip with Al and Roman-11920-011-jpgFriday 11/6/20 Huron Trip with Al and Roman-11920-013-jpgFriday 11/6/20 Huron Trip with Al and Roman-11920-015-jpg