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    I'm new to walleye fishing at lake Erie. I just bought a new Skeeter WX2060. I would like to get it set up for trolling. I have been looking at rod holders and would like to hear from some veterans on what they like, or what they would have done differently. I have been looking at Cisco rod tubes. I really like the looks of them. Not the price though, Lol. I do have rails running down the back of my boat, so I would need a system to mount to that. Would anyone recommend the rod tree over the individual tubes? What advantages or disadvantages do rod trees have? I really have not seen a good way to mount a rod tree system to rails. I think I do like the rod tubes over other style of rod holders since they keep the butt of your rod out of the way.

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    I have been using the Ciscos for the last couple years. When you look at the build quality of them, it is hard to imagine that they would ever fail. They will probably outlast you :-).

    I already had track and several tubes, so I elected to go with the Riser/Tubes rather than the trees when I decided to go all in for walleye trolling.

    The setup works great, but if I was starting from scratch, I would probably go with the trees simply because they take up so much less space on the boat.

    When it comes to trees, I'd go with these from Blue Water. They have a ball joint that allows for unlimited tube angle positioning -->Welcome to Blue Water. I looked at them all. These impress me the most.

    Here is how my setup looks. All cisco products. You'll notice that the heights of the Risers are staggered. Which is recommended to keep the lines from crossing.

    Feel free to IM me if you need more info.

    Trolling rod holders-img_1105-jpg

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    I have been very happy with the Traxstech products. If you go to their web sight you can see all their options. You can also see their product to judge the quality at the Bass Pro in Rossford. They have a display in the area where the boats are. I have been using mine for 18 years without a problem.

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    im very happy with mine ciscos i have the tubes, cradles and net holder

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    G_Spot. That is a good looking system you have. I really like the tube extensions you have to get your rods up at different levels. I checked out the blue water trees, they look nice. But i dont think i could use them because I need to mount it to my rails.

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    Default Blue Water Fan Here

    We have the Killer Trees from Blue Water and love them. We too spent time at the fishing show looking at all the different trees before going with Blue Waters. They give you the most for the least money. They come on and off in seconds requiring no tools for adjustment of any kind. We store them in the truck on the way to/from the lake and pop them on before launching so they are out of the way in the boat. You can call the owner, James Bartlett at 231-258-1144 and ask if he has mounts to fit your rails. He can answer all your questions. Good luck.
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    Ive been looking for holders as well... saw some pro boats.. .outfitted with

    Berts Rod Cradles... there are 2 6 and 10 in risers heights avail.. and a regular and pro series...

    i bought 4 / standard style ... 10 in risers......40$ each .. Franks Outdoors...

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