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    Quote Originally Posted by Fish nut View Post
    Wheres the Toledo light house?
    Straight out of the mouth of the Maumee River about 2-3 miles (NE). Cullen Park Boat Launch (Summit Street, Toledo) is a nice ramp and a short run to the lighthouse.

    I just checked the distance on Boating HD and it's a 9 mile run from the Cullen Park Boat Launch to the Toledo Harbor Light. I didn't realize it was that far! Sorry if I misled you.
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    You can run those shallow bandits behind jets,TT and dipseys if want to go deeper.Most guys have been running the deep bandits with either 2oz or 3oz to target the deeper fish this summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fish nut View Post
    Hey wondering if anybody can give me some pointers on fishing lake Erie in fall? I've never fished there in the fall and would like to try. What area and type of lures. Are they deep or swallower? Any help would be awesome. Thanks alot
    There are some really good choices for walleye in the fall! There is the fall brawl competition you can take part in. Prizes include cash and a really nice boat. I am too old to do it anymore but casting lures after dark will net you some really nice walleyes, you can do this at most jetties and piers. My favorites were lakeside fishing pier at Lakeside , Ohio out by Marblehead(gated community with fee sometimes). Near there is the Mazurik boat ramp and pier very near to Lakeside. Huron has two very nice piers one is accessible from the public beach. Lorain has a couple sites, there is lakeview park, the old ore docks by hot waters, mile long pier (Google Maps) I imbedded a link for the directions to mile long pier. I always used reef runner rippin sticks shallow or deep, the big husky divers, rapala shad rap. The best colors are silver and blue, firetiger or perch. There is a new lure called the bandit,I have used those trolling behind planer boards, comes in shallow and deep. There is some luck around those piers for perch and crappies. Best times for success on these fishing spots are 7pm to 10pm, 3am to daylight. Have a good time wish I could go with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsbob View Post
    Walleye will stage off Huron in the fall and early winter.That area can extend to the east side of Kellies and north.The bite had slowed way down the past week due to the cold weather turning the lake over.The catching should improve soon with some stable weather.The most common way to catch now should be crankbaits and some spoons for a little while longer.The fish should be more active higher in water column too.They are also catching fish casting worm harnesses and weight forward on the shoals.Gull and Kellies island both are great areas to cast for walleye in the fall.
    I used to have great success casting 1/6 oz gold Crippled Herrings downwind to rocky shoals. This metal jig was light enough to work it through the rocky structure with few snags...deadly for big walleyes. Unfortunately, this lure was discontinued when Rapala bought out Luhr Jensen in 2005. Now, the smallest Crippled Herring is a 1/2 oz'er. Fortunately, the Sonic BaitFish was created several years later and is carried by Tibbels Marina on Marblehead. It was responsible for a 14 lb walleye through the ice about five years ago by a young Tibbels boy. Anyway, the Sonic Baitfish has a great variety of smaller metal jigs that are even more productive that the 1/6 oz Crippled Herring...sizes range from 1/16 to 1 oz. I love the 1/10 and 1/6 oz'ers for both walleyes and yellow perch. My second choice is the 1/4 oz Erie Shiner pea weight-forward spinner in a solid fluorescent chartreuse color ...a walleye killer to suspended walleyes and walleyes in the rock piles.

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