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    I caught a few perch about a half mile in front of the Mazurik boat ramp in lakeside. If you can tow your boat there you would be protected if the wind is out of the south west. Somebody posted earlier that they saw a pac of boats there over the weekend.

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    any South or East wind you can find protection at the CIC can launching from Catawba state park. North or West winds 15mph and over you are going to get bounced around there.

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    Wednesday has a southwest wind. So if the wind is coming from the southwest blowing towards the northeast wouldn't the east side of Catawba be protected.

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    In scientific and worldwide usage, wind direction is always stated as the direction from which the wind blows. For example, a south wind blows from the south to the north and a southwest wind blows from southwest to northeast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmuth65 View Post
    Iím new to this site but have loved everything Iíve been reading. Let me throw this question to the group. Iím coming up to Huron on Wed 10/7. It might be my last chance this fall to use my new boat. But the forecast shows a decent amount of wind coming from the SW. 14 - 18 knots with gusts to the mid 20ís. I think if I stay close in to shore and do some trolling around Sawmill or Cranberry Creek, wave height should be OK. But Iíd love advice from you folks who know Erie better than I do. I donít mind making the trip up from Cinci if it turns into a scrub because I plan on doing some fall work around our house in Huron. But I have a buddy joining me and Iíd hate to see him drive all that way only to turn around without doing some fishing. Also, if you agree the lake inshore will be cooperative, if you have any walleye insight around Huron, Iím all ears. Thanks!!
    Look up Lakevision.com, Live camera shots updated every few minutes. Some work, some don't, but the one out of Huron does work and you'll be able to see the wave action as they hit the breaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmuth65 View Post
    Thanks for your input. Truth be told, I just bought the boat and was really looking for an excuse to spend a few hours on it. Catching fish would be icing on the cake. Unfortunately, Wed is the only day this week that works for my schedule. But thereís no sense in getting beat up out there. I might just spend time sitting on it in the marina. Softly crying to myself and cursing this bad luck.
    I would be on standby if I were you. See if the wind dies down a bit in the evening. Get yourself a couple 2-3 hours in close to shore if it does. They donít always get it right. Just have a plan just in case you can fish. IMHO

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    Donít bother the Coast Guard wonít even be out today wait for it to settle down look towards the weekend or next week. If you just got a boat run it elsewhere before you test Lake Erie you lose power out there itís game off!

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