We launched from Mazurik around 7:15 and headed back north of Kelleys and the fish where still there. We had a good day on the lake today boating 30 walleye all on bandits. The fish where from 20 to 40 feet deep so we ran 12 bandits from 70 back to 160 back all with 2oz and 50' leads. speed was 2 to 2.8 with the waves surging the boat. color didn't seem to matter we caught on gold, taco salad and white bodies. We ran spoons for a little while on dipsys but i think we only caught 1 fish on those so we pulled them since the bandits where working so good. A good couple days with this crew of great guys. The winds will keep us off the lake until the weekend. We will be back out saturday and sunday. Tight lines see you all on the lake.
Day 2 with crew form Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota 9/29-93020-002-jpg