Monday we launched at Mazurik at 7 am and headed east of kelleys found a few marks and set up, the fishing was slow and the marks where not there like they where over the weekend. We worked those fish until around noon and left that area in search of better marks with 9 fish. We headed north of kelleys and found some good mark in 45 feet of water and we set up on them as they where deep. We ran bandits back 160, 150 and 140 with 2 oz and 50' leads, colors where taco salad or anything green and chartreuse. We ended up with 22 walleye (one was 29") 2 catfish and 2 white bass before we got blown off the lake when the storms rolled in. All in all not a bad day.
Day 1 with a crew from Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota 9/28-93020-001-jpg