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    Have a few questions on planer masts.
    1. Whatís your take on them? Love them or hate them?
    2. Any advice for someone who is about to get one?
    3. Who makes a decent one?
    4. Iím looking for a place that sells the kits to make your own boards?
    thanks in advance for the help.

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    I have the height adjustable big jon & it is more than sufficient for most folks, & was state of the art when I bought it. I am thinking of replacing it with either Cisco or Great Lakes because of their aluminum reels & stronger masts. But I have boards that pull really, really hard. They are 48Ē, weIghted with lead, & have rudders

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    Shotgun are you doing any good on the perch up there lately?

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    Yes. Near G

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    I have a big Jon mast and 2 boards with all hard ware like new condition 300$

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    Tim- you better take him up on that

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    I mean lunker, u better take tim up on that

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    Hopefully they up for the next couple weeks. Gonna try to get back up there 2 weeks from Saturday. I'll keep a eye on the posts. Good luck. Let me know how things are going and if anything changes. Thanks again

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    Tim. Iím definitely interested. Is the mast adjustable and what kind and size are the boards? I would love to see some pics.

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