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    Been reading where a lot are trolling using clip on weight 50 back 25 back etc. Where do I find the clip on weights. Can't find them anywhere online thanks

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    The best clips I have found are Cabela's. They snap on and off with a locking motion with ease. Most other's have a spring that applies tension that holds the line to the weight. Well worth taking a look at.

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    I bought them online at

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    I have the weights from Cabelas too and I like them.

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    Whatís the advantage over running jets or dipsys?

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    If you get Cabelas donít get the green ones that come in the kit with various weights. Iíve lost all of mine because the donít hold. I went with offshore based on a recommendation from a captain I respect a lot and they have been great! Porkchop express, thanks for that recommendation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dz fisher View Post
    Whatís the advantage over running jets or dipsys?
    Deep diving cranks will pull the back of a small diver down and it will come to the surface. Big divers will pull them but even with big divers, a large crank will change the angle of attack of the diver causing it to not run as deep as it would with a spoon.

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    I use off shore boards so I just bought some spare clips and I use those. I attached a large snap to make changing weights easy.

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    I use the spare or used releases from my offshore boards with a big O ring and and a weight(usually 2oz) with metal loop on each end.I will wrap the line once around them too when I put on line.You can also use a rubber band to attach sinker to line too.

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    I use the knock off Offshore releases. (Offshore has gotten stupid with their pricing.) I then take a quality split ring (i forget the size) thats about .5 inches in diameter. On that split ring goes your release, and two cheap snap swivels. When you set up, you place your desired size weight on one of the swivels, the other swivel is placed over your main line at the desired distance from the bait, and you clamp your release on the main line. With this set up you will never loose a snap weight unless you break the main line. The nice thing about this set up is when you reeling in a fish, you just reach up and pinch the release and let it slide down the line to the bait. Another bonus is whether you are reeling a fish, or pulling rods, or maybe changing baits, when that snap weight hits your crank it disrupts is motion and it comes to the surface. Your weights, swivels, split rings, releases can be bought separately and you can make 15 snap weights (or more) for less than one of the Offshore kits. Next time to the boat I will take a pic and post it.

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