We launched from Lorain today at 6 am and headed to just outside of the river in Vermilion and set up in 45' of water and trolled north west at 2.5 to 2.7 with Bandits. We set them up with 50' leads 2 oz weight and back a total of 155 to 120. they all caught fish. Mostly chrome bodied baits. We had some good rollers in the morning but it calmed as the day went along. The little fellow was pretty sick so his dad asked us to head in at 40 fish. We easily could have caught two more the bite was very good. We where fishing all alone as all the other boats where way north of us today. It is amazing how several days of North East wind has pushed all of those fish so far south in the lake. We caught a nice 31" fish today and made this young fellows day that is holding him.
Friday 8/14 Day 1 with Iowa crew-81620-005-jpg