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    Hey itsbob. When they talk about running the bandits 50/75 with a 2 ounce snap weight is that let out 50 feet of line then the snap weight and another 75 feet of line? I have yet to buy a dipsey but plan on getting one this weekend. When you say #1 is that the smallest dipsey they make? I know there are different sizes and weights. Any certain you would recommend. Thanks

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    Yes on 2oz weight on bandit at 50/75.Put out 50ft then weight then 75 more for total of 125.That is what people running in 45 fow ...feet of water..The #1 dipsey is the standard size and is the bigger one which is about 6" in diameter.When you buy it it says size 1 on package.

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    Yes you are correct about the snap weights. Dipsy divers come in four sizes:
    000 is 3.25 inches and runs about 35 feet
    001 is 4.125 inches and runs about 50 feet
    003 is 4.875 inches and runs about 100 feet with o-ring
    030 is 2.25 inches and runs about 20 feet
    Now obviously they will run at different depths based on the line you let out. These figures are right from Luhr Jensen. Those depths are basically their optimum range. Each one comes with a dive curve in the package. I run the 4.125 inchers for trolling walleye. So basically you want to use the dipsy size for the depth your fishing so you donít have to leave out a ton of line to get to your target depth. With the 4.125 inchers I have run as deep as 62 feet.

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    Thanks to both of you. Making it a lot clearer and helping a lot. New to this whole trolling. Normally just cast worm harness. Gonna try both. Was unthinking of heading out to the line when I come up in two weeks. Not sure if I need to run that far out or qhat. Been watching the reports and fishing sounds good out by the bouy

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