7-23 Thursday, crew of 3 made the run from PC to the East side of Kellys, Wind was SW and light, so trolled NE 2.5 - 2.6MPH. All fish caught on #1 dipseys and spoons. Were about 5 Miles East Of Kelly shoal, found a little pod of fish and kept in that general area to finish our 18 fish limit. Most boats were North and West of us Best Dipsey settings feet back were 3.5/115' 2/85' .5/65'. Shorts, Sheep and white ones active here so kept the crew busy. All spoons were equally productive.

7-24 Friday, Me and neighbor Bob made the run back to the area where we finished, wind was from the NE with 2-3" waves so took a little longer to get there today from PC. Set up NE by a mile and trolled back. Before we had 2 rods in had a fish on, and in the box. Finally got all 6 rods in between fish and waves and such. Our 12 fish took as long today as 18 did Thursday, but caught less junk fish. Were a larger grade today, had an extra 1# of fillets for each bag today. Best Dipsey setting/feet back today were 3.5/135' -120', 2/92'-88' .5/72'-68'. 11 Walleye on spoons and 1 off of a small stick bait, off of the .5 when the .5's were not so busy near the end of the morning when the lake went flat. One of my neighbors fished real close to the shoal today to get his 18 fish.

A great couple of days on the Lake!!