We fished out of Huron today. Went towards Cranberry Creek area to start shortly after daylight. We were using crawler harnesses, marked lots of fish, but only managed to connect on two nice walleyes. After sacrificing lots of meat to sheepshead, white bass, and white perch we made a move NW. We were about 6.5 miles NE of the Huron lighthouse. By 10:30 we were set up again and trolled west pulling harnesses with 1.5 oz bottom bouncers. We picked up most of the walleyes deep, with leads of 65-95, 1.5 mph, best colors were orange, lime green, gold backs (both small Indiana blades and medium sized Colorado blades) Took awhile, but finished our two person limit about 12:45. Fish averaged 20-21". Caught a few shorts and a few white bass, but not many.