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    Quote Originally Posted by branhamautomotive View Post
    When we use weights its normally 6 ft in front ..........gets around having to pull the weight off each time
    How does that affect the dive curve?

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    Well, I place my weights in front of my lures based upon each lures individual dive curve. My thinking is say a Bandit will dive 15 feet with 50 ft of line let out, but will only dive 18 feet with 95 feet out it, it is easy to see it becomes a degree of diminishing returns. (These were estimates from my head) A clip on weight will also follow the same dynamic. depending on the weight and its shape and attachment. The least amount of line out the less your line adds resistance which causes an arch. When using a weight in between, there will be two line archs. The natural tendancy for the lure to dive is more greatly diminshed as the clip weight gets closer to the lure.. It makes sense to me, and it works for me. These are only my assumptions and from reviewing dive curves offered by OffShore and others who have tested data. To be honest, I have not seen tested data with the weight close to the lure, but the guys are pretty darn smart engineers and surely have tested under this condition also. My .02

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    I run my weight 6 feet in front and don't give it another thought. Take the dive curve depth at total line out, add 1 foot depth for every ounce of weight to get in the neighborhood. So a 2 oz. weight adds 8 feet of depth at about 2 mph.

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    Richard meant that add 4ft of depth for every ounce of weight added.I agree and follow that formula.

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    Well regardless, the length out will also affect the depth the weight will go while in motion, regardless of the weight amount. Additionally, if there is any distance ahead of the lure where the weight is attached, there will still be two arc's Just one of them will be much shorter. My thoughts are: The closer the weight is to the lure the more the weight will affect the diving and action characteristics designed of the particular lure. Many methods certainly work as there are many thoughts we all have in our heads that make sense and work for us. But, I am a student of life, who once thought he knew a lot, yet has found out he really does not. As I tell my students.
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