Sunday 7/12 report Sunday 7/12 report Sunday 7/12 report Sunday 7/12 report
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    Well i was finally able to get out sunday morning after the blow and we left mazurik on our first trip at 6 am and headed north east. We tried a pass just south of the shoal but only caught sheep head about a dozen so we pulled lines in short order and headed towards the buoy. We stopped short of the big pack of boats as there where lots of marks and we set 5 bandits on the left and 5 44 mags on the right colors where gold, chrome Blue and purple. The dive curve of these lures is pretty much the same so we set them with 50' leads 2 oz weights and total of 140 to 100 back they all caught fish. We didn't catch a single fish on a spoon today so I took them off and put on shallow bandits behind dipsy on 3 setting back 90 and 1 setting back 75. speed was 2.3 today best troll direction was south. we had a crew of 4 on first trip and we caught them their 24 and 4 for my mate.

    The second trip was with a couple that has had two prior weather cancellations and we left the dock at 1 pm and headed back to the same area. We ran the same program but replaced the 44 mags with bandits as they caught more fish this morning and boated them their 12 fish and i reeled in my limit and my mate finished his limit with 20 fish.

    The third trip was a cancellation from saturday and it was a couple from Cincinnati. We left the dock at 5 pm and had them back with their limit of 12 walleye by 8 pm along with a really nice fish O. Same program and depths.

    We avoided the pack of boats and didn't go as far as everyone else was running and got on some good fish today putting 60 walleye thru the live wells. The lake was bumpy in the morning and flat calm by the end of the day. we could see a storm crossing over cedar point on on way in on our last trip. They always look cool from a distance. It was a beautiful day to fish on lake erie. Cant wait to do it again next friday thru sunday.
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    Thats a long day with three trips and 14 hours but good work getting limits on all three trips in short order!

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