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    We have Lake Erie emerald shiners in stock nice size not the big ones. At Scott and dicks on rt 2 heard a few reports of limits being caught let’s hope warm weather doesn’t screw them up

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    where is Scott And Dicks.

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    Out of shiners quick due to guys freezing them and dead loss we got minows that are fat heads were on rt 2 by yondota rd

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    shiners in tomorrow was told 630 am sometimes the trucks late. perch limits being caught intake,outer light, off wards 18 ft of water

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    Shiners are in this morning better hurry

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    We are fully stocked with shiners, Goldie’s,fatheads,nightcrawlers,redworms,greenn worms,waxworms,Ice big bags or little, hooks, sinkers perch rigs, spreaders, cold tea pop and water snacks and tackle galore.and of course bandits. Time to go guys were done by 9 am today by outer light

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    What time do you open?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Wheezer View Post
    What time do you open?
    Out of any kind of minnows should have Goldies sometime tomorrow what a crazy weekend we sold 23 gallons of minows. out of red worms,wax worms,safaris hats, over 2000 spreaders good thing we make them. Harbor light,intake, the can area, off crane creek all producing limits of nice fish.people lined up at the street trying to get the minnows.should be fully stocked by tomorrow been awhile since the bite was this good.our address is 9648 Jerusalem rd Curtice oh 43412 phones are constant we try to answer but gets hard to tell you where the fish are or how long our minows are. Or what color they are but we try.will put you on the fish but you have to catch them call my cell 419 708 0131 ILL answer ask for scott
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    Shiners are in great size 5 tanks full bought another 300 gallon tank to fill up with tonight’s catch we open 530 am every day great time for perch guys

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    Can you give a address? I'm on catawba Island. I need shinners for the next 10 days.

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