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    My brother in law is coming in and Id like to take him casting over the weekend. What are our best bets if were leaving from Catawba? I saw a few boats west of green when I got in earlier today. Ive been fishing with good luck NW of Kelleys but that was a couple weeks ago. Thanks for any pointers!

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    Was in a bait store on Marblehead yesterday. They said best catches of Walleyes are coming from the Weather bouy area east of Kelly's. I believe that is about a 20 mile run from Catawba. Lesser catches coming in from SE corner of Kellys to Huron. Said hit or miss day to day. I was hoping someone would post a good report closer to the islands myself.

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    We were up Tuesday and caught our limit in 29-32 feet of water between C Can and B Can. I heard reports that many were catching limits casting east of West Sister, We used a red and white Erie Dearie and caught most on the rise. Good Luck!

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    Thank you for your help! I appreciate it. Looks like head East or head west!

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    Went West to line between B and C cans this morning with brother in law. We wanted to cast. Drifting at nearly 1 mph with socks out. Fair breeze so in addition to casting Erie Dearys I dropped a worm harness with half Oz weight and 65 ft line. Picked up first fish on harness in 20 minutes or so. Unfortunately the chop was too much for Bros stomach so we decided to come back in Almost right away. He never had trouble before. Spending the 4th playing cards with the ladies and smoking ribs. Almost as good as a day on the lake! Hope to sneak out tomorrow and stay a bit longer. Many boats out there this morning.

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