we launched at 1:00 from Mazurik and headed to the east just north of marblehead pointe, and we got those fish to go this afternoon. We caught most of the fish on Bandits back 85 to 55 same colors as this morning. We just kept circling the active school until we finished up a nice bag for this crew. We dodged a storm that just passed to the south of us and blew a little bit and that made for a good bite for about an hour and then it got calm again. Was a fun trip with the little guy who reeled in his first walleye. We lost about 10 fish on this trip with a very light bite going on this afternoon. The fish are so full of mayflies they are not very aggressive at going after the baits.
friday 6/26 afternoon trip with a MI crew-62920-062-jpgfriday 6/26 afternoon trip with a MI crew-62920-068-jpg