We spent the past several days out of Turtle Creek. Monday was a searching day and we found a some active fish near L and A-B cans. Tuesday was a big blow so we didn't get out. Wednesday the water was pretty muddy in the A-B, L can area and we struggled to find active fish. On Thursday one of our boats went out NE of West Sister and the other stayed in by A can. Both boats limited Thursday and Friday by noon. Jets (Trip-Z) 30 and 40s with stingers. Orange was hot and our "go to" color UV Jagerbomb was hot. 35-50 back depending on time of day/sun. Caught a few on Flicker Minnows and crawler harnesses but majority of the action was on jets and spoons. Mayfly shed skins were so thick it was hard to keep lines clear. Had to check every few minutes or jets would be loaded up and running high. Kept the crew busy constantly setting and re-setting lines. But it was lots of fun. Dozens of small walleye caught and released. A few large catfish and drum, lots of smaller drum and a few white bass and white perch. A lot fewer small white perch than in most years. (the ones you drag around for 30 minutes). Overall a great trip. Not a lot of boats so no real issues with trolling in a pack. Pretty much had the place to ourselves most of the time. Just find a few fish and keep working that spot. That's what worked for us. Hope this helps some of you. Get out and enjoy. I hope to get back again this summer.