We launched at 6 am and took a very short boat ride east and We set bandits from 85 back to 65 back and dipsys on 1 at 40 back and 3 at 75 back with spoons and panther daggers. Colors are pink and white spoons and purple and blue chrome bandits. We started out at 2.0 but had to increase to 2.5 to 3.0 to get the bite going. Once we found the school of fish we had 24 in short order. The fish seemed to be Little more concentrated today had to keep going over same area. It was a little tougher with the wind and waves first thing but got better as morning went on. Biggest fish today was 27” and several 24” to 25”. They are eating mayflies and it is slowing the bite some but not a lot. Marked the fish down at 30’ but kept the baits higher as they will come up and get them in this clear water. My afternoon trip cancelled they had some family emergency so back out tomorrow with day 1 of a bachelor party trip with a crew from Kentucky.
Day 2 with south bend crew-fdb28ee5-f371-4e7d-bb0a-610856cc934a-jpg