We launched at Mazurik at 6 am with a plan to head north. We found the waves to be too much with the northwest wind so we went across the south passage and up the east side of Kelly’s to the shoal. We set up there and trolled south East with the waves. We picked up 12 fish there on two passes and we lost 4 or so with net and wave issues. The wind was dying Down some so I decided to run up past the shoal to the Canada line. We set up on a south east troll and picked up another 10 fish and a very nice perch. We ended with 22 fish and they where happy with that. We ran bandits 100 to 60 back and dipsy with spoons and panther daggers and they all caught fish. The mayflys where thick on the water today and the walleye are full of them. It slowed the bite down this morning. Speed was 2.3 to 2.8 today. I had a great time fishing with this crew. I hope to see them again next spring.
]Day 3 with my Wisconsin crew-af2e93bb-d92c-4976-8f8e-3ee8410e19e3-jpgDay 3 with my Wisconsin crew-6f11d69a-330e-43b7-92de-e5024cde96b8-jpgDay 3 with my Wisconsin crew-685581f7-59ca-4d16-ac81-c815ee5dea7f-jpg