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    I fished the northwest portion of Kellyís Island this afternoon and drifted out casting gold/red harnesses and Erie Dearies. We picked up only 2. We were letting them fall anywhere from a 6 to 10 count. Any advice you guys can give would be awesome. Not really set up for trolling. Fished 3 or 4 hours today and get to fish tomorrow and then back to southern Ohio. Donít know when Iíll get to come back. This forum is awesome. Just want to give myself the best possible chance and know Iím doing it correctly. If they just werenít biting...so be it. Hard to know when u havenít been on the lake much.

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    I also fished today and picked my keepers up off the bottom and on a 20 count.

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    There was not much wind yesterday/Friday.Always tough to catch casting in light wind.Can't even drag effectively,which has been producing well lately.I would almost always have one dragging rod as long not going over a rocky reef.When casting have to keep trying different depths to try and find what's catching that day.Changes daily or even hourly.Could also be the area you fished had fewer active feeding fish too.Try and find/ follow the head boats.They are casters and will be in good areas to catch those fish.

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    Most of the drifters have been in the Northwest reef/kidney area.... many limits caught by drifters.

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    i would think a 15 to 25 count would be a lot better than a 6 to 10 count. we always just let out about 100' of line with spinning reels and drifted letting the boat do the work.

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