We launched at 6:30 today and headed back to the Canada line where I fished last night and we set out all 9 rods with chrome bandits 45 to 65 back at 2.0 and we had fish on in very short order. The grade of fish today was very good and we picked up a couple 27” fish. We had a three man limit around 9 am and fun fished till 11:30 catching fish after fish and all very nice sized walleye. I lost count but we must have caught around 40 walleye this morning. The lake was dead flat and the bugs where a little bothersome but not a bad morning on the lake. I will be back out tomorrow morning getting after them with a crew from southern Ohio in the morning and a family from KY in the afternoon. Tight lines to all.
Friday morning trip with my Wisconsin crew day 2-7000b1db-b458-40f6-a84f-c1789322ed8f-jpgFriday morning trip with my Wisconsin crew day 2-0632fb2f-f5d1-4ae7-ac79-c9d1e190e7cf-jpg