After fishing in the LEWT tournament in Lorain on friday and saturday which we finished 20th with some hot flat lake conditions, I was able to get back to work with a great trip with this nice crew from Indiana. We left mazurik launch at 6AM and headed north to the Canada line favoring east near gull shoal. We pointed south and started to set bandits at 2.0 to 2.3. I was letting out the first line and when the counter hit 50 it was hit and fish on. The rest of the morning was just like that. Fish after fish on bandits back 50 to 65 all picked up fish. My hottest color all weekend was taco salad, it out performed every color but they all caught fish. We picked up this group their limit of walleye and upgraded some smaller fish with better sized 20 to 22" fish. We made one pass south and ended up right between south bass and kelley's at the monument. We had to wrap up at 10 am as one of our crew got sick from the waves. Great morning on the lake and the wind started to lay down as we came in. We filleted up their walleye and sent them home with some great dinners to come.Sunday morning trip 6/7-6920-004-jpgSunday morning trip 6/7-6920-005-jpg